Michigan Rehabs

rehabs of MichiganThe addiction treatment facilities of Michigan are somewhat overwrought right now, due to substance abuse problems at an all time high and funding for health programs at an all time low. Still, there are several quality addiction treatment centers in Michigan that are available to those who do not want to travel far from home to receive the treatment they need. Treatment locations in and around Detroit, Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids come highly recommended and do not put a great deal of distance between clients and their support systems.

Detroit rehabilitation centers are heavily taxed right now, but some of them have higher success rates than others in the nation due to their years of experience with substance abuse. Detroit has long been a drug capitol of the United States and has created heavy demands on the treatment facilities in and around the city. Some of these facilities are suffering in treatment quality because of low funding, so be sure to research which treatment centers are licensed and thriving before you commit to one.

Ann Arbor is the biggest city within 100 miles of Detroit. It has a downtown area, but much of it is more rural than Detroit. This is a good area to recover from addiction in for those who are seeking a smaller city environment that is more out of the way than Detroit. It is also far enough away from Detroit to reduce the temptation to be drawn into its substance abuse culture.

Grand Rapids is on the western side of the state, opposite from Detroit and Ann Arbor. Michigan residents who are seeking an addiction treatment network with an entirely different culture than Detroit should look into centers in Grand Rapids. There is more access to natural scenery in the Grand Rapids area, which can offer a very therapeutic element.

If you or someone in your life is a Michigan resident who is struggling with addiction but does not want to leave Michigan to attend a rehabilitation program, consider one of the excellent addiction treatment facilities within Detroit, Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids.