Addiction Services Near the Great Lakes and Canada

addiction services Great Lakes CanadaMichigan is a state that has long required assistance with substance abuse problems. Detroit is one of the drug capitols of North America particularly since the recession of 2007. Unfortunately, with Detroit in bankruptcy, Michigan has little to offer in the way of addiction or substance abuse treatment, and Michigan residents have discovered the need to venture away from home in order to receive the treatment they require. This is not entirely a bad thing. Sometimes taking space from the region and the people where an addiction or substance abuse problem developed actually gives people a higher success rate. There are a number of quality addiction treatment centers in the area surrounding Michigan.

In the United States, the area near the great lakes encompasses several large cities that are home to some world class addiction treatment centers. Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Cleveland, Ohio offer urban treatment centers as well as rural countryside treatment centers on the outskirts of the city. These areas are mostly out of the way and offer a great deal of privacy and anonymity. Chicago, Illinois is home to a demographic of high profile individuals who may require a more luxurious treatment center, which the city of Chicago has several of.

For a more radical change of environment, Michigan residents seeking addiction treatment abroad should not overlook Canadian facilities. Canada has a very high standard on its medical and mental health treatment facilities and offers some of the best rehabilitation centers in North America. In Eastern Canada, cities like Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City are all equipped with state of the art addiction treatment centers that accommodate individuals from the United States and Canada alike. Ontario also offers some very scenic countryside in which several rehab centers are situated. Western Canada has addiction treatment centers in cities like Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary and Edmonton. Western Canada statistically has more substance abuse problems than anywhere else in the country, particularly near Vancouver, British Columbia and Fort McMurray, Alberta. Wester Canada’s addiction treatment centers are the most cutting edge in the nation.